The Right Options for the Buddhism Ideas for You

Depicted upwards or downwards, these two animals represent the happiness that resides in freedom, and fertility and abundance. Even today they are often used as a wedding gift as a symbol of loyalty and union.

The lotus flower

This flower is delicate and at the same time strong, a wide stem that makes its way and grows from the mud to bloom splendidly giving its beauty. The lotus flower represents true human nature. So as the flower grows in the mud, so the human being must face the impervious path of life to free himself and cleanse the mind by giving it space to open up to its full potential. The lotus represents purity, the purification of body and mind in the blossoming of liberation.With the well known buddhist altar candles wholesaler in singapore the deals are there now.

The infinite node

This intertwined symbol without beginning or end represents the connection of everything, the harmony of the universe where everything is linked and there is no distinction.

The banner of victory

This symbol represents the victory of wisdom over ignorance, a banner of Buddha’s enlightenment. A victory against pride and desires, disequilibrium and negativity

Instead the study of Buddhism as the practice should be a daily attitude. The practice and the study are the two parallel paths that we should follow as if they were the two rails that make up the railroad track crossed by the train that leads to Buddhahood: if one of them fails the train cannot advance without derailing.

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