A Core Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn Ads

As a huge fan of the potential of LinkedIn advertising for specifically targeting a B2B audience, I would like to go through the basics to help others feel more confident in approaching them.

LinkedIn Advertising: Overview 

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for professional marketers. Like other social platforms, it is also a wonderful website for B2B business. It offers you a variety of options to run ads, target potential customers, connect with the users as well as find influencers. 

The brands should have some objectives when they want to use LinkedIn for the business purposes. The most important purpose of B2B brands on LinkedIn is to increase lead generation. Following are some more objectives which you can achieve with LinkedIn.

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Website Visits
  3. User Engagement
  4. Video Views 
  5. Lead Generation
  6. Website Conversions

Different Types of Ads

On LinkedIn, you will find ads of various types. This platform is all about the professional people. With this, the content becomes the central and the most important point. It should be well-researched and of great quality. Below are the types of ads used for targeting users and to achieve targets on LinkedIn.

  • Text Ads
  • Sponsored InMail
  • Video Ads

These ad types are commonly used for achieving different targets. LinkedIn lets B2B brands target the customers and improve brand awareness through ads. 

LinkedIn Audience Targeting

In order to target potential audience on LinkedIn, the brands must know various demographic facts and stats. They should know about the users, their interest, their role in the industry, what kind of content they see and what people they follow on LinkedIn. 

Knowing answers to such questions is inevitable to create targeted ads and improve conversions. LinkedIn helps B2B brands increase leads but for that the brands should target right and potential audience after learning the demographics. Starting campaigns or ads without this information will not yield much better results.

You can identify the website visitors of your ads using lead forensics or alternatives which are cheaper. 

Tracking LinkedIn Ad Conversions

With LinkedIn, the brands can also track the performance, success and failure of their ads. The site offers a wide range of options. But when it comes to tracking conversions, there are not enough tools or options. Below are two of the important conversion tracking tools you should use on LinkedIn. 

The first option is “Side Wide Insight Tag” that lets you track all the actions occurring on your website. You can install this tag and see the data coming. The second option is “Event-Specific Pixel” which is used for tracking lead generation. It is a very effective tool that helps marketers and brands on LinkedIn track their conversions. 

LinkedIn Content Suggestions

Content is the most crucial and important factor in marketing. For LinkedIn, it gets even more important. The reason is you will find the top professionals on this platform. So creating poor quality content will destroy your brand. Users will not be attracted at all.

But the great news is LinkedIn allows B2B brands and other companies to find content suggestions. The ideas or suggestions are very helpful. You can create content according to the given options and target your audience. It will improve the content quality as well as give you more leverage to increase leads and improve conversion rate.

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